Friday, February 1, 2013

RIP Leica X1

Hated to see it go. Needed the cash to continue to look at the Fuji X Pro 1 and the EX-1 system. For a brief time I'll have both Fuji cameras (now that the X1 is sold and shipped). One of them will then have to go but for now the X1 was sacrificed to make financial room for the newer, more versatile camera(s). I think I liked the pictures the X1 took over the X100 Fuji, when I was comparing the two last year but I liked the photographic experience of the X100 more. They were close in any case. The proof is in who stays and who goes and for now the X1 is gone. Here she was the day before I shipped it off:

The lens attachment allowed for the mounting of a filter and removed the necessity of playing (losing?) with a lens cap. The finder is an Olympus which was a fraction of the price of the Leica and did the same thing. The Luigi case came with the camera when I bought it used and was a pleasure to use. Made holding the camera a much better experience.

 And when not in use, it protected the screen. I also had a glass screen protector over it. Here are some shots from the camera. They were jpegs that I post processed a bit. OOC shots are quite good but can be adjusted to suit. The camera's lens is razor sharp. The sensor is rumored to be the same as in the Nikon D300. Supposedly Nikon buys their sensors from Sony. In any case the lens/sensor combination with the great manual Leica controls make for a very pleasant shooting experience.

In the final analysis, I went with the Fuji X Pro / XE's more adaptable lens mounting system and faster lenses. The first lens I'm trying is the 35mm f1.4. Smells like Summilux at a fraction of the cost. I can also mount M mount lenses on it with the M mount adapter. The fact is the used XP1 I have only has the M mount adapter, for now. Until this week, when I sold the X1, I didn't have the funds to try out the Fuji XF lens with the camera. so the X1 was sacrificed. Soon I'll have the 35mm to try.

Wouldn't surprise me if one day I didn't get another used X1. It is a pretty amazing camera.

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