Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Canon G7 - the wounded warrior

 My G7 is covered with gaffer's tape. He's missing a strap lug and a few screws. He's the only G series camera I have left and well, he's plenty good enough as a carry around. In fact he's probably better than the 10, 11, 12, & 15 [G1X] because he's "right sized." When the G got a bit bigger, it got a bit bloated. With the gaffer's tape applied liberally, he's easy to hold on to (helps to hold him together too). His screen's smaller than the 9 and he doesn't save as RAW, like the 9 or have 12 mp but he's plenty good enough. The sample shots aren't extraordinary and I kind of merge the 7 and the 9 shots because they're pretty close, as camera's go but here they are:

My personal prejudice precludes owning a pre-7 G even though the G6 is a good camera. I just don't like the form factor as well. Now if the price of a 10 or a 12 came down far enough that it would be close to the 7, I'd be conflicted. I love the 10s output at low ISO. And you get 28mm, which is wider than the 35 of the 7 and 9. But I'm pretty happy with the much cheaper 7 and hope to shoot it a while longer. Besides the 7s been lucky for me.

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