Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fuji X-Pro 1 - 35mm f1.4

Just got my first XF lens a few days ago. Been using the X-Pro with an M adapter. This was the first chance to get out and about with the XF f1.4 lens. I have a couple of photographic stomping grounds, one of which is the City of Prairie Grove. I haven't been taking RAW format shots either, just jpg, so it seemed like a good time to kick off testing the RAW files too. I had RAW File Converter EX on my Mac already and after taking the shots, processed the RAW files with the SilkyPix program. The installed version was The batch result was green overtones in all the blown out areas. Really weird result. I got the CD that came with the latest Fuji, the XE and installed it. That version was which resolved the blown out green highlights from the earlier version. The following files were shot RAW, batch processed in to simply convert them over from RAW to jpg without any curves or dodging to show standard Fuji RAW output without any of my pre-concieved notions of what looks best. Did I get a Summilux vibe on a couple of the shots. BTW I set it up to auto up to ISO 800 and I believe that's all I got, even outdoors in daylight. I'll have to see if I misunderstood what I set or it just likes to go high. The roses are my wife's. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, after all. I wanted to share.

I can still smell the fragrance(s).

I couldn't seem to shake this idiot. I saw him in these strange windows. He always had a camera.

Outstanding colors.

Do they still have Rexall drug stores? They still have the sign, anyway.

Perhaps some comic relief on General's appearance. I say, governor, your tailor can't measure...can he?

Bokeh boy.

The crooked shots were from the hip (mostly). I think the Fuji color palette is outstanding. Happy Valentine's Day.

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