Sunday, March 22, 2015

Amazon Fire phone 13mp camera shot

The fire phone does hdr on its own, of which this is a sample. It is, however further post processed to heighten those effects. The reduction to monochrome better suits the light and dark contrasts of the scene, imho. I thought the light contrasts were my subject at the time. The color added nothing to the theme, so it was reduced to monochrome. I like the medium format squarish look of the landscape, so going to b&w added to the legacy look. Of course it's way too sharp to be from film but since it's from a camera, that's understandable. I got the fire phone to replace my older android phone to go from 8mp to 13mp. Overall I really like the phone and the camera is lagniappe. The fact that it has a dedicated camera button which, when pressed, turns the camera on and allows a picture to be taken without recourse to screens or menus makes it handier as a camera.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pentax K-5 / SMC DA 35mm f2.4 / test photos

I recently sold off some equipment and shopped for a camera I haven't had that's used but well received as a camera worth shooting. Nobody sends me equipment to test (makes sense, I'm a duffer) so I amuse myself by rotating my stock. I found a Pentax K-5 on ebay for a bargain, bargain price. It reportedly has stains on its sensor. I have a wet cleaning set I'll probably try out on it if it bothers me. So far it hasn't. I got nothing but the camera, which looks new and has around 2,500 actuations. It did come with a body cap and strap lugs with leather protectors but no battery, charger, or anything else. I had a K-01 previously, which I sold recently but I kept one spare battery and one prime lens, the 35 f2.4. The lens is inexpensive but takes great shots and is relatively fast and comes with a hood. So it leaned me toward getting another Pentax and the K-5 was a very well received camera. So when the camera arrived, I stuck in the battery and snapped on the lens. I was impressed by the camera's build quality (all metal), fast focusing ability, fast shutter speeds (7 fps), Penta-prism finder (100% view) and all over good sensor rendering. It is a very solid, responsive camera. It has all the buttons and dials you could ever need or want and a great high resolution screen. It's also weather sealed. It's not real big and it has a great grip and finish. It feels great in the hand. None of this is news, I read about the camera extensively when it came out and of course, there are versions 2 and 3 of the camera by now. What separated me from trying it was price. Buying this somewhat flawed used example allows me to shoot it, finally. I just ordered a battery and charger for 10 bucks from Amazon (free shipping) and I'll hope the charger makes it here before my current battery runs out of juice. Here area few pics of the camera with lens and some of the output from today. The other cameras I consider "handy sized" and are included for contrast. They also served as models for photos.

Not everything garnered at a bargain price on ebay pays off. Time will tell on this one. So far, so good.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Decapitated white pawn

University of Arknasas / Brough Commons / Founder's Hall / Leica X1 / HDR

Taken a few months ago. Transferring some files from the X1 and worked on this one a bit. The dust on the X1's sensor helps me recognize its photos at a glance. Added value for sure. A lot more construction going on campus this year. Amazing. The Admiral is leaving a legacy.