Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fujifilm X100 at Crystal Bridges

The X100 is a brilliant modern/retro camera. Great sensor. Great lens. Rangefinder form factor. Quiet. Relatively small. I bought one used about six months after they were introduced. I try to wait until early adopters read something bad about a camera and decide it was a poor purchase and put it on the market in excellent condition. You have to be patient. 

Crystal Bridges opened a little over a year ago and is a fantastic museum both inside and outside. I've used the X100 almost exclusively while touring inside. It's quiet enough and at f2, fast enough to provide a great photographic tool.

Here are few shots from our last visit.

The Fuji jpeg engine is good enough that shooting raw with this camera is a luxury I don't normally need to afford. If I was shooting for money, I'd need to go raw but for pleasure, there's not enough upgrade. These were taken wide open (f2) at either 1/60 or 1/30. I shot manual but I set the ISO to auto up to 1200 and the camera made the adjustments for me if I missed on the exposure time. Fuji colors are outstanding. I rarely post process anything out of camera unless I'm attempting an a particular effect. Obviously a few of these were merged or reduced to B&W for effect. By now the X100 is old enough that the price, which began at 1,200 has now dropped on the used market to nearly 1/2. I see them priced mainly at 750 but once in a while 650. The new X100s model, with a new x-trans sensor is coming out this summer. We'll see what that does to used prices on the X100. In the marketplace of buy low and sell high, used cameras, especially electronic ones with built in lenses don't add up. If and when I sell the X100 I will take a loss. It has been one of the best value added purchases I've made though. The camera is a joy to use and the output a joy to behold. And thanks, Alice Walton, for providing the people of our country a first class art museum. If you haven't visited, you should. It's worth the trip ten times over. Be sure to walk outside on the various walking paths and if you bike, come for the bike trails too. 

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