Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sky crossing contrails sunstar / Sigma DP2 exposure bracketing shots +-1 / HDR combine Photoshop / Topaz

Suns out even though it's pretty cold. Grabbed DP2 which was sitting around having shot the Christmas tree for star effect on lights to see about star effect on sun. The sensor will show photosite feedback from flare if you shoot it at a really bright source and well, the sun is pretty bright. I could fix the flaws in Photoshop but left it in. Topaz exaggerates the effect. I'm posting the before topaz hdr and the single shot for comparison.  Call it Sigma enhancement if you will. I love the camera and its output.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Rainbow cuts through the clouds / Cloudbow / Fuji X-E1 / 35mm f1.4

 Winter sky is pretty bleak so I thumbed back to the summer and found some blue with white clouds and a nice rainbow cutting through. Mostly out of camera with a bit of toning and balance adjustment. The Fuji camera and lens is terrific.