Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pentax Q Finger Park Fayetteville AR

Kinda of a gloomy day. Our neighbors to the west are getting freezing rain and snow. We'll see what migrates here later. I needed to do some work with the Q but was only going to some fairly dull places where people take offense if you put the camera in their face and take their picture at either Goodwill or WalMart. Dropping off what doesn't fit at Goodwill (also checking out their jeans - guilty pleasure - cheap jeans at Goodwill - don't sneer - they've got 501s for $5 and they launder and press them before they put them out on the rack but you've got to be lucky to get your size) and getting some alcohol to try to make a shutter button work on a 20D that's on the cusp of being farmed out. The shutter only works half the time. I ordered a $10 part (free shipping) from ebay but sometimes you can put a tablespoon of pure alcohol through the area and work the shutter button and it'll begin to work again. About as reliable as finding your size at Goodwill but hope springs eternal. I had the Q in my pocket and decided to drive a few extra blocks to climb a local hill to see Finger Park, which is on Hwy 62 near WalMart. Not my cup of tea for photos and the first shot shows the weather out of my Jeep's front window. I know, bad as texting. I only did it once and briefly. Anyway I used the auto HDR because it was gloomy without much contrast. When I got home, I batched processed through Picasa to brighten them up a bit as they were pretty dark but to be fair so was the path I was on. I merged a couple to make composites and toned up one of the composites (the last shot). The Q gives you a photo you can work with. Considering the weather conditions and the fact that the Q was in my pocket all afternoon without being noticed (the 50mm prime lens with filter and no cap) I got a couple of decent shots and a bit of a travelog for Finger Park.

You'll have to expand this one to see the pano.

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