Monday, February 25, 2013

Ricoh GRD I

A legend a few years ago (widely surpassed by the III and IV models since) for it's black and white output, which is still outstanding. Solid build. Razor sharp. A real photographer's camera. Ricoh makes enthusiast cameras. With apologies to Leicaphiles, Japan is the camera enthusiast capital of the world. I still have my GRD I. I need to drag it out now and again and shoot with it, just for the fun of it. Of yeah, if you grab it and find that the battery is dead because it sat too long, you can pick up two (2) AAA batteries, shove them in and away you go. How is that for superior useability? Here's a couple of shots. The first two examples of in camera B&W, the last two had color converted and PP a bit.


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