Wednesday, March 20, 2019

One more cloudy sky shot

Elaine Justin / Pinky

Copyright Robert Capa, Magnum Photos. Taken May, 1944 in Royal London Hospital the day after a nighttime party sponsored by Endre (Robert). My guess is with a Roloflex. I couldn't find a picture online of Ms. Justin anywhere, so I thought I'd add this one since I assume I'm not the only one searching. I highly recommend the book, "Robert Capa, The Paris Years, 1933-1954" by Bernard Lebrun and Michel Lefebvre. Tremendous resource and very well done. I guess somebody might be searching for a pic of Papa's backside, so there's that too.

Naturally, no sooner do I post this pic than I find an article that includes the same photo. You have to view several serial photos (and a couple of ads) before you get to it but it was there all along, sigh.