Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Canon S90 / Penguin Ed's

Slipped the S90 into a small case to take along and it's small enough it can get lost fairly easily and it was MIA for a few weeks. Just found it and liked this candid I took a few month's ago. It's a take along camera for anywhere plus it shoots RAW and manual and has a great user interface.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Epson R-D1 / Antique Store / Summicron Collapsible / Summar Collapsible

I had the Summar on here, set to F4 @ 20 ft.
 Shooting the R-D1 is as close to shooting film as a digital camera can provide.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Leica X1 / University of Arkansas / Fraternity - Sorority Chili Cook Off / SOOC - minor cropping

The X1 is probably my favorite camera for candid shots. It renders colors and people really well, at least it suits my tastes for such things. I used to review Leica M shots and always appreciated the way it rendered. The X1 is a poor man's M, for sure. I went to visit work today and after the commiseration walked the hill to the Union. I walked through fine arts and shot some stills and ate sushi at the food court and came upon the chili cook off as a photo opportunity. I shot both RAW and Jpg and the Leica engineers know how to massage their RAW shots so well there wasn't much need for the RAW. Other shots I took which included sky and clouds showed the RAW would work so much better as sharpening and refining colors blows out the highlights.

I lurked around shooting candids long enough that they were nice enough to offer me chili and I had to split.
 Chili and sushi would need lots of beer preparation prior to mixing.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fuji X100 / Crystal Bridges (legacy shots) / SOOC (save a bit of cropping here and there)

The X100 provided a Leica wanna be camera "for the rest of us" at the end of 2010. It has been improved on with the X100S but new firmware for the X100 introduced about the same time as the X100S made the 100 a better camera and still worthy of anyone who wants to feel like a photographer, doesn't want to mortgage their house and enjoys great color JPGs right out of the camera. I will say RAW preserves highlights that are blown in JPGs but that's infrequently. This is still a great and worthy camera.