Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ricoh R10

The bargain Ricoh R10 arrived today in a padded envelope. It needed cleaning. Came with a 2GB sd card and no charger, but that was part of why it was so cheap. I took a few shots with it set at high ISO at 400 and well, 400 is too high. Probably 200 is too high but we'll see. The reviews of the camera complain about a noisy sensor and it's true, unless you stay at base ISO, which will be the plan. I like the camera and it's rubber grip. Great screen. Ricoh makes great cameras. The menus were in Japanese and the internal memory held some pictures from Japan. For samples of what the camera can do, especially in Japan, where it is at home:

My experience at base ISO is the camera takes great shots and the shooting experience with such a small, pocketable camera is good. I need to set up a a couple of hours to shoot with it alongside the CX1 for comparison.

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