Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ricoh GXR

Still like the A12 28 module but I picked up a used body and P10 cheap. I now shoot RAW and low contrast B&W as my default. I like the RAW better than any JPG and of course can get a nice B&W rendering out of camera. The above are out of the A12 with a three shot bracket through PS. The following are some first experimental shots from the P10. The sensor (obviously) can't compare with the APS C but the wide range gives you some interesting options for shots which are not possible with the prime.

 There's nothing terribly wrong with the P10 module. It does give you a small footprint for carrying around and you can print up to 8 1/2 x 11 with no trouble. You need to shoot low ISO, of course, the lower the better and there's evidence of noise at 100 (not bad but it's there). Leads me to believe B&W would be a way to go here. The shots it makes are not enthusiast photographs. They are meh. That said, I got it cheap and I'm glad to have it for the occasion I need to go long. The kid, above, who was taking a golf shot then skipping up to the green was @ 50 yards away and I couldn't have gotten much of a shot capturing the action otherwise with the GXR. You can also go long to isolate backgrounds, foregrounds, which I sort of demonstrate above with the flashlight/stylus shot. I found a cheap S10 last night and will try it out next week. I really like the GXR as a camera. It is a photographer's dream for settings and it is a quick operating camera, especially when you can shoot RAW. I don't know if I've ever had a camera with so many darn settings and so many darn ways to accessing those settings. Amazing. The opposite of a consumer camera. I'm really looking forward to the S10 though. I've always liked the output from the GX100. What I read, the P10 is faster, so we'll see. As far as operation is concerned, I really like the GXR p10 combo. In the weeks ahead I'll see how much I use it.

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