Friday, March 22, 2013

EOS-M noon outing shots

Nothing special here. Grabbed the pocketable EOS-M with 20mm 2.0 pancake on the way out. Figured it's fast lens and good high ISO performance would allow good indoor, low light shots and it did. I'm not posting them all but every shot came out fine. Left it wide open in aperture mode at 2.0 and let the ISO slide as necessary and the shots are all out of camera and jpg's. Should have shot RAW but got lazy. One point, however, some of the cameras I have, I MUST shoot RAW to come out with anything acceptable. Not the case with the EOS-M. The jpg engine works great. Of course there's not much noise so the photos aren't degraded by the jpg engine because it doesn't need to smooth things out much. I also like the 35mm effective FOV for this kind of work. I had it in a case with the Pentax Q and well, the EOS-M is about the same size (with pancake lens, of course) which I think is extraordinary as the Q is the smallest interchangeable lens digital camera. It's a good camera and lens combo. Canon was smart to include this fast, small lens with this camera as a kit. They both hit a sweet spot. Uh, the Canon could use the built in level that Ricoh provides. A lot of crooked shots but they were snapped quickly. Wouldn't have happened with the GXR. The level would have informed me even on point and shoots, like these and I would have adjusted appropriately. I did have the grid turned on. Didn't help me much.

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