Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ricoh GXR P10 / S10 cameracide

The S10 module arrived a few days ago. Caught some kind of bug and been chomping antibiotics for a couple of weeks and haven't gotten out to shoot with the new module yet. One easy test is to shoot myself and look for how well the camera renders skin and details, including white balance. I've read from other camera nuts that they decided to keep the P10 because of it's greater range even though the S10 renders better. That's counter-intuitive for me. I'll almost always prefer a better quality photograph.  But I just shot a series and tried to set both modules the same and I have to admit that even though the P10 shows more noise via pixel peeping, it is a decent comparison. I have noticed a better color rendition from the S10 (more robust) but now I'm wondering. Here are the two shots I picked out of a group because they're apples to apples. The S10 has the auto close cap on so you can tell which is which. It fits either module and I only have one.

Not scientific, exactly but I'd say they're pretty close. I do like the 24mm of the S10 but the much greater range of the P10 is strong.

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