Saturday, March 1, 2014

Olympus OM-D EM-5 / 12-50mm / University of Arkansas / Greek Theatre wide

I've been up on Kimple's balcony several times to get a shot of what's across Dickson, which is Chi Omega Greek Theatre. Bell Engineering is just behind. I got a new printer and printed an 11 x 17 of just that shot last week. When I showed it to someone, they asked about the new auditorium, which is nearby but not shown, since it was taken a couple years ago. Since the new Hillside Auditorium was completed last year, I decided to re-take the shot. I used the 12-50mm lens on 12mm to get the wide 24mm angle. I shot three bracketed at 0, +1, -1, exposures and did an hdr combine in Photoshop and then sharpened in Topaz. Looking at the photo, you can see the auditorium and also see the new Architecture wing further back. All in all, fairly satisfying.

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