Friday, March 14, 2014

Leica X1 / Topaz / Lesley Dill / University of Arkansas Fine Arts

The Lesley Dill show is pretty cool. One of the benefits of being close / working at a university is access to the fine arts as presented and represented by the University. It's almost hard to take it all in (Lesley Dill's big sized work) and compute it unless you can capture it and review at leisure. The first shot is a merge to get the whole "Drunk with The Great Starry Void" in. The 2D stars pop like 3D in the photo which is cool. Again, the website with more information is here:

I did appreciate that the one gal who studied the show for the ten or so minutes I was taking it in and taking some photographs managed to eschew staring at her smart phone for more than a minute straight. She is in the great minority in that respect.

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