Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Leica X1 Redux

I just posted some shots from Block Street in Fayetteville, attributed to the Fuji X-E1 and most of them were. Actually a couple were from my second X1. I decided to shoot hdr and set the stupid thing (actually I'm the stupid one) to bracket by +/-, 1 1/3 stops but failed to put both control knobs to "A" for automatic, thus placing the camera in "Program" mode and it took multiple exposures but didn't bracket. You've got to turn the drive mode to C for continuous [actually it'll bracket in S mode as well] and put both the other knobs to A for Program, THEN you when set the exposure bracketing on, it'll work. I set the Fuji properly and those shots were combined and toned. Anyway, here are a couple of shots from the old/new X1 which came with one other flaw than the dent, it's battery tab was missing and nothing held the battery down, save the battery door. I contacted the seller and he gave me an adjustment and I removed the battery spring so it wouldn't push on the battery door. Now I have to upend the camera for the battery to come out. I said the camera has a high build quality and well, that's only partially true. I still really like it and likely will never part with it.

 As you can see from my reflection, I've yet to find a viewfinder I like for it and am chimping, which works quite well with the X1 anyway. I am using an old metal Canon 35mm viewfinder which works if you can't see the screen but it's a bit of tunnel. It was cheap ($30) so there's that.

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