Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Leica X1 / University of Arkansas / Topaz

The old/new X1 went to the university today to look around. I took a few dozen shots and toned them in Topaz, for which the X1's output shines (literally and figuratively). I've read quite a bit about the X1 while looking for a replacement for the one I sold a year ago. One complaint is dust spots on the sensor and yes, I see a couple on this example. Not supposed to happen on a non-interchangeable lens camera but the telescoping lens has the potential for sucking in dust particles. I remember the original Ricoh grd suffered from the same fate, as well as a handful of other cameras with lenses that extend. There are ways to protect the sensor (add a lens hood and filter to protect it when it extends and retracts) but that won't work retroactively, so I have to live with the small spots which show up mainly on bright sky shots. They can be Photoshopped away (with extra work, of course). I didn't bother for these blog postings, so you can see them in the sky shots. Here's a few exposures from today's (virtual) rolls. If you are interested in the fine arts presentation on campus, which is partially captured hereunder, the details are here:


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