Monday, January 27, 2014

Today's winter sky compared with last summer's / Samsung NX-10 / Fisheye

Got up this morning knowing it was going to be cold, with a front moving in. Ground is brown, a lot of trees are brown and well, the sky is gray (sounds like California dreaming, doesn't it?). The sky is endlessly changing. If I had to choose one thing to shoot that would always be both unique and fascinating, it would be the sky. So here are two contrasting shots from the same camera and lens but divided by six months. Both are fish eye, hdr. Winter, I wrung all the grunge out of it I could. The clouds were almost overwhelming anyway. Summer is minimally processed. You can't improve natural magic. The first is today, in Northwest Arkansas and the second is Nassau, in the Bahamas, just outside the cruise harbor in July. If you look hard, you can see other cruise ships docked in the harbor and off to the left you can make out the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island (along with a touch of lens flare - the Samyang lens is really well coated and has a built-in lens shade but it is also sticks out like a glass baseball). Both shots convey the proper feeling of winter and summer (IMO), although it's probably endless summer in Nassau (sigh).

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