Saturday, January 25, 2014

Panasonic LX2

I bought this camera recently, quite used, at a great price because its sensor is natively 16:9 and it is an LX camera. The LX1 was a camera I purchased years ago as a pretense to being a serious photographer and later I got a used LX3 and was amazed at how good a camera the LX3 is. Classically good. I still have the LX3 but is is natively 4:3 (and crops for 16:9). I wasn't sure if the reportedly 21mm ultra wide lens/sensor combination was really any wider or better than the LX3. It likely isn't much different but I am getting a kick out of shooting it. Here are some pics I took today at 16:9 and because nothing seems wide enough I took side by sides and merged them. I took RAW but the jpgs were fine and I added some drama using Topaz.


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