Monday, January 13, 2014

Dusk / Pentax Q / 01 Prime

Purchased a third Q from ebay after having sold the first two. I much prefer the prime lens. In an earlier post I pointed out the Q can do auto HDR shots, which, of course it can. I then said it isn't capable of exposure bracketing but I was completely incorrect. It's not in the main menu but it is in the camera's drive menu, which is accessible by pressing the right arrow key, which shows a clock symbol. You can auto bracket three shots at up to three stops plus and minus, in one-third stop increments. The newest Q arrived today and I updated it to firmware 1.13, available from Pentax's website. Below is a normal shot, followed by a bracketed shot, merged in HDR pro and tweaked in PS6. Not extraordinary but a promise of things to come.



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