Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Fuse / 8MP camera / phone

I'm cheap. When I worked, an iPhone was provided for me. It was a decent phone and I had a data plan and I was tethered to my employer, which was part of the point of providing me a phone. I retired last year. I surrendered my company phone and I purchased a used iPhone 3g, similar to my work phone but outdated by the time I bought it. I got it unlocked and installed a Red Pocket sim. I pay 19.99 a month, pay as you go, for voice and text, no data. If I need data, I find a hot spot. I used/use the built in camera for quick shots of things I needed to remember. It wasn't horrible but it was not very good. It served as a documenting device. My wife then had me get a 3gs for her and I noticed her camera was better than mine, which made me envious. So last month I got a cheap, used android phone with an 8MP camera. It's not bad. It can't really compare with a real contemporary camera, if you pixel peek, but it is very much better than the original iphone cameras. Newer iphone cameras have much better cameras too, of course and I understand a bit sharper than this android camera. In any case, here are some shots I took when I didn't have a dedicated camera with me and used the phone. I also took an initial selfie to see how it performed and was underwhelmed. One of these was sharpened in PS to see the sky striations better (the reason I took it), another is a merge of two side by side and the selfie is cropped.

Moochie never complains about having his picture taken.

The horizontal striations were interesting.

A little bit like character sky writing by the wind. cool.

Worst selfie in a long time but hey, it's a phone.

This is Arkansas, after all.

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