Monday, December 2, 2013

Olympus Om-d Em5 / Early Morning Fog Miller's Mountain

The Olympus Om-d Em5 (last year's & 1st Om-d), like the Nikon V1, focuses quickly and provides the shooter with a sharp, nicely saturated, out of camera jpg that would please any consumer and many "photographer(s)." I am routinely shooting both the V1 and Em5 and find them quite similar in output with the more expensive Em5 being "better" in most ways. For most daily casual shooting, however, the V1 does great. In the past year, mirror-less cameras have pretty much caught up with consumer DSLR's both in focusing speed (everything but extreme sports) and ooc output in a smaller size. The build quality of the V1 & Om-d exceeds most consumer DSLR's. If I could only have one camera, it would be a tough choice but certainly I could live with either the V1 or the Em5.

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