Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fujifilm XF1 / example photos / free opinion

If I was to coin a term to help describe why anybody would want to shoot with an XF1, it would be Quality Photographic Experience or QPE. The camera, itself, is pocketable (front jeans pocket). It was designed by engineers who understand how a camera should work. Its interface is great. It has a metal body with a nice leatherette cover and a manual zoom lens, unusual for a pocketable camera. It feels good in the hand and is easily adjustable to provide well, a quality photographic experience.

Output from the XF1 is mediocre. Not bad but not really great either. The colors are muted compared to the same film settings on a good camera, the X100. Resolution and well, "photo pop," is not as good as comparable cameras from Nikon (P series), Olympus (XF series) and Canon (S series). You can get decent output from it and you can get meh output from it. Alarmingly great photos are rare. It's at the end of its production schedule so they are being cleared out. If you can get a bargain price, it's a fun camera to shoot with. Where it shines is in its use and operation. Its QPE.

None of the examples were post processed, save a couple of photo merges. They are the good examples.

I used EXR mode for the cameracide, which I typically shoot for color and white balance testing. The output isn't bad.

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