Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Olympus OM-D EM-5 / 14-42mm / flare resistance

I usually add a UV filter to my lenses for protection. Once the filter is on, you no longer need to fool with a lens cap. It seals the lens from dust and from scratches. Oh yeah, it filters ultra violet rays. It also greatly increases lens flare. I got the OM-D last week when the used price finally came down to my target. It came with the smaller kits lens, the newer 14-42mm zoom. The newer lens has a smaller filter size (37mm) and of course, I have a filter on order. True to form I'm getting a used filter and it's in the mail. This shot shows a lack of filter flare because I don't have it yet. It's a great camera. I don't yet lust for the newer EM-1 which adds phase detection focusing for legacy 4/3 lenses and is "better" in a lot of ways. I'm sure it is but for me, for now, the EM-5 is amazingly good, even shooting into the sun.


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