Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fuji X-E1 35mm f1.4 Crystal Bridges

My son wanted to go to Crystal Bridges while the Stieglitz exhibit was on so we drove up the 30 or so miles to Rogers from Farmington on an outstanding winter day. I took the X-E1 w/ equivalent fast 50mm Fujinon XF lens and an X10 I just re-purchased last week. I used the X-E1 indoors and the X10 outdoors. The shots I'm posting today are just some I reduced to monochrome because I liked the composition and felt monochrome told the story better. I got zero bad shots from the Fuji. I left it at f1.4 and allowed the ISO to automatically adjust if the shutter speed was too slow. I've shot at CB with my X100 in the past and gotten great shots but not as good as these. I also got some unusable ones. Some were my fault, of course but since all of these are great, it compensates for my lack of shooting talent. I assume the X100S is much better but this lens at 1.4 is plainly outstanding glass.

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