Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sony RX1 @ Crystal Bridges

I've been advised not to title my photographs. Let the viewer take from the scene what they will, without prior advice. This one approaches telling a story. But perhaps not to you, which is fine. I use older (1st gen intel) Macs to process and presently my developing process is to convert the ARW to DNG using Adobe's free raw converter, then load the DNG into an older version of PS. I don't have to upgrade to get the latest raw processor for ARW. The RX1 raw has tremendous detail and can be stretched up and down as much as +/- 14 stops. That wasn't necessary for this shot which was cropped and developed without much adjustment.

The RX1 is incredibly discreet. It's leaf shutter is nearly silent.

Jeans are nearly ubiquitous. It is Arkansas after all.

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