Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nikon V1 10-30mm / Architecture shots / University of Arkansas

Well, there's no free lunch. I shot the V1 quite a bit today and came away with mixed feelings. I'm not sure what I expected. The good news is it's a great little camera with a lot of potential. The downside is barrel distortion, which is uncorrected in camera (some manufacturers will correct distortion from RAW to JPG automatically). I did manage to use Photoshop to correct a lot of the bad distortion which shows up on certain wide angle shots of architecture. The other semi-downside is sensor noise indoors in dark areas in low light beginning at ISO 400. Not real bad and again, what did I expect? I suppose I was so enthused with it that I expected miracles. In any case it takes great shots with rapid focus and good auto white balance and the stabilization system allows a couple of stops of cushion to shoot low light. The following were singles that were merged and corrected. The lampposts are perpendicular now, anyway. I also adjusted the curves a bit and then converted to B&W. I show both the final version of color and black and white. The last singles show "before" and "after" barrel distortion. The corrected shot still show some distortion, just different distortion. Again, small camera, really small, inexpensive lenses designed as a consumer camera and overall I really like it.

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