Saturday, November 9, 2013

Leica M8 15mm Voigtlander

The top shot is post processed for effect. It is one frame from the 15mm on the M8 which equates to ~ 20mm in 35mm terms. I used Topaz to make it more dramatic. The second shot is three side by sides merged in Photoshop. They were shot raw and merged together. There was no particular post processing other than the merge and reduction to monochrome. It breaks the rule of maintaining a consistent exposure level through all frames as the left side's exposure is higher to maintain the whole scene's viability and the right side is reduced to prevent blowing out the drama of the sun in the clouds. It gives the photograph a certain 3d effect as the foreground (left) is easier to visualize while the right side fades to dark. The darker sky on the right also seems to fade as you move away which adds to the turbulent effect of the circle on the right. All in all it worked for me.

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