Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sony R1 crisp morning / Sun Star / Stereo Lens Flare

Two side by sides, merged, produces the stereo lens flare which likely wouldn't be quite as pronounced if it wasn't for the UV filter I keep on the lens for protection. The Zeiss lens on the R1 is an amazing piece of glass. Lenses hold their value very well and digital cameras don't. If you had a Zeiss Sonnar T*, 24mm-120mm, f2.8-f4.8 (assuming it could eve be built to work with other DSLRs) it would be worth a ton of money but since it's hung on the front of an older digital camera, it's value is 25% of original. Funny thing is the camera is still responsive and takes tack sharp photos throughout it's focal range, even at wide open. 8MP is big enough to print large prints. The sensor can't get dirty, the screen folds around to set on top to allow various angles to shoot from (my favorite is Roloflex style). It focuses quickly, it has button control for nearly everything, it shoots +/- exposure compensation for hdr and it's not real big and its build quality it amazingly good. If you shoot in the dark, the high iso isn't nearly as good as today's new sensors, that's the cameras main "flaw." It's a joy to shoot and own.

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