Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Paris RATP Bus 350 CDG to Gare de l'Est

The RER B train to downtown (Gare de Nord) is faster but the 350 bus goes farther south to Gare de l'Est and we were staying within walking distance of that station. I also worked a long time in the bus business and wanted to take their version of the Airport-Downtown Express. We bought a book of tickets at the airport visitor counter with Euros I brought with me and used three tickets each (around 2 Euros a ticket - discounted if you buy by the book) to cover the cost of the five zone ride (a ticket covers up to 2 zones). Our carry on bags fit under some of the back elevated seats which was good because the bus filled to capacity + on the way to town. Here's a couple of pics of the 350 bus interior and a shelter near the airport. As you can see, RATP does a pretty good job of placing vital information in their shelters. There is a VMS inside the bus to display information about upcoming stops and locations.


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