Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Olympus XZ-1 sample pictures & random thoughts

I have too many cameras. When a new camera comes out that I like, I wait six months to a year and buy it used. At that point I should sell off another camera which the newer camera replaces. This is what should have happened with the XZ-1. I liked the size and ability and waited several months after its introduction, and purchased one used. I used it a lot for a few weeks and it got placed on a shelf. I've since moved on and gotten other cameras which I like as well or more. But the thing is, this camera is such a good camera I can't bring myself to sell it. Stupid. Anyway here are some shots from this camera, most of which are untouched and toward the end some that are post processed to please the photographer. I recommend this camera. It is smallish, has a fast lens, can create some bokeh (a little busy but it's there) has a zoom lens which can go wide to portrait and a little beyond and well, it has great controls. In the photo you can see this one has an aftermarket grip (Richard Franiec's) and an add on electronic viewfinder which allows for use in bright sunlight or tilted allows it to simulate a medium format box camera (you look down to take the shot). By now they should be real bargains. If you like the shots, you might want to consider one. I'd sell you mine but I'm too stupid.

Now you see why Elvis wears that outfit. He really stands out in a crowd in it, doesn't he?

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