Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Olympus E-PM1 w/ 15mm F8 body cap lens

 Picked up an Olympus E-PM1 to go with a m4/3s 15mm f8 body cap lens I bought used and cheap ($35). Even new they are around 50 bucks. I had a couple m4/3s cameras but they weren't really, really small to compliment the really thin body cap lens, so I found a deal from Adorama or Cameta (one or the other) for a used, sample camera for just over a hundred clams, delivered. I had to sell some stuff to swap the equipment/dollars out. I wanted something to carry in my pocket that I didn't need to wait to focus and that could render black and white in a sorta traditional film way. You can slide the focus from a meter to infinity but really, it's more or less fixed focus and at f8, it provides adequate depth of field to just point and shoot most of the time. Put the camera in multi shot mode and shoot away once you slide the body cap lens open and turn it on. I'm not crazy about the interface but after playing with it for a hour or so I have it where I want it. Not so good indoors but I'm going to experiment some more with it. I thought the look of the B&W images from the 15mm f8 lens with its subtle vignetting gave a film like look/feel. I haven't had it long and I want to do some street shooting with it but today threw it in my pocket on the way out the door to ride the bike up to the library. Nothing much to see but I think you can get a bit of the feeling from the samples provided below. I think it's going to be a fun setup. I did merge some shots in PS to add some wide angle interest.

Blowing the shots up shows a speck of dust in the center of a couple of shots. I've since pulled out the giotto's rocket blower and blasted the sensor. Time will tell.

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