Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Going wide on a rainy day A850 @ 19mm

Just had a tornado warning and one just cut a 200 yard wide swath through the natural bridges area. Stuck inside for a bit while it storms and since this week I seem to be stuck on wide shots out back decided to go traditional and get a full frame with a wide lens. This from an A850 w/ 19-35mm Quantaray (Sigma) lens at 19mm. Not a great lens but serviceable. I got the camera used with a couple of lenses and this was one of those. Bracketed three shots and processed through PS HDR Pro. Since the process brings the older Macbook Pro to its knees, I shot in medium rather than fine mode to reduce the file size so I could process it in the Mac. I tried to maintain something of a photorealistic look rather than go over the top with the hdr. I had it shooting jpegs in landscape color which provides a little more saturation (not much but some) so the shots were contrasty to begin with, prior to the hdr processing.

 We sure needed the rain.

Sony recently introduced the RX1, which is a full frame compact camera with a Zeiss 35mm f2. The examples of its photos I've seen are just outstanding. 

Sony sensors are just top notch. The Kodak in the M8 is also a great rendering sensor. The A850, along with the M8 will be mainstays of my personal cameras for a "long" time. If I really need a guaranteed usable shot, I grab one or the other. I know there's some vignetting and I've got a corner of the roof on the upper right but it's just an example of the full frame and 19mm showing nice color on a really dull day to compare with some of the other wides I've shot this past week with a fisheye and some paste ups. It's also a decent example of high dynamic range that isn't overdone. It just punches it up a notch or two.

Here's an earlier shot around sunrise using a 15mm CV Heliar on a XP1 using an M lens adapter. f5.6. Two shots side by side photomerged. I did bracket the shots hand held and at f5.6 but they weren't usable as it took too long for each shot for the handheld to be close enough to blend without stereo edges everywhere. So the middle of the brackets were used for the merge. The 15mm on the XP1 translates to around 22mm with the crop factor.

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