Friday, August 24, 2018

April in Paris / Pont d'Austerlitz

The sign on the bridge in the foreground (Metz, Nancy, with lane advice) is for vehicular traffic which flows next to the Seine and under the first arch just below this photo. The view across the bridge is of the left bank with the Austerlitz train station's dome in the middle. It is a very large station with a nice park adjacent to the right (from this perspective). That's where we were headed when I took this shot. We were going to ride the train from there to the Eiffel Tower but of course this day the transit worker's strike had shut it down. We were told it didn't exist by transit workers but with all the signage, etc. it was just shut down for the day. We took alternate metro lines and got there anyway with no particular help from the transit officials on site but Paris is a big and something of a hard city. It is a also a great city and obviously has been hardened against terrorism, etc. with barricades, bomb threats, ongoing strikes and so on.

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