Monday, August 20, 2018


Took this shot a few years ago in San Francisco with a Canon G10. It has fascinated me ever since. I love the cubism interrupted by the wheels of the bicycle and the legs of the walkers. I love the shadows. Counting the rectangles, the squares, the circles. I love the two inset fire hose circles next to the entry door. There's a lot of 2(s) of different items. The walkers, the word Stop, the cans, the windows, the doors, the bicycle wheels and so on. The words "stop" twice, but once horizontal, once vertical. The white stripe along the bottom in the street. The two cracks in the street. The inset shaded building just behind the scene with the angular side building giving it perspective. The 2 2(s) and the 2 8(s), the 3 A(s). The two identical garbage cans on either side of the fence gate opening. The crazy snake light that peers around from the side of the sign to light it at night. How the walkers are in perfect phase, each with a aligned white stripe on their sneakers. There's a lot going on.

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