Sunday, December 31, 2017

Lego 10179 Millennium Falcon - circa 2007 - clone build - Christmas 2017 / Phase Two complete

Phase two is complete. It attaches to Phase one (the base frame). When it's time for the two to go together, it "gets real." All bricks need to be in their rightful place and aligned for the two to merge. I had one brick in the wrong place is how I know. As you can see from the pictures, parts inventory management is essential. More than once I believed I was missing a part only to eventually find the recalcitrant part hiding in a bag somewhere. At least half assembly time is hunting for the right brick. The other is staring at pictures and engaging your brain's visual cortex to understand what things are and where things go. Never done anything so essentially visual before. No written instructions. All pictures.

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