Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Samsung NX Mini / 9mm f3.5 pancake

Took the mini out today while out and about. Just a few random pics. It's a hybrid between a Samsung pad/phone and a camera. Last week I was looking for a vent for our trailer and grabbed the nearest camera and took some shots. When I got to the dealer, I handed him the camera (it was a Pentax Mx-1) the dealer attempted to zoom the picture by pinching his fingers on the screen and wanted to flip between pictures. You can do that with the Pentax but you have to use arrows and buttons. He would have been right at home with the Mini, as that's how you zoom and scroll on the Samsung screen. It's a small, fun camera which takes decent pictures. A few of these are post processed and a few aren't (save a bit of cropping).

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