Friday, October 16, 2015

Samsung NX Mini / 9mm f3.5 pancake lens / SOOC

Picked up a mini, used like new for a real good price. I like it. It's a real camera, in that it shoots manual, aperture priority, shutter priority, etc. It can bracket exposures, it can shoot RAW, it shoots macro, really really close automatically, it can blur the background (1 inch sensor), it has any and all settings a real camera has. It focuses quickly and accurately and its captures are plenty good enough for almost anything you need and it shoots at 20mp. Low light performance is good. This lens isn't image stabilized but I've shot it at low ISO with little or no blurring. But here's the thing, it's also a modern electronic device with bright touchscreen which flips up. I can focus and shoot with one touch anywhere on the screen. I change settings the same way. It's also small and seems well built. The lens is wide angle (24mm @ 35mm equivalent) and can include as much or more than your eye takes in to capture an entire scene without stepping back BUT it does macro so well and so automatically that you can get within a couple inches away of anything and shoot that too. So you can be really close then move back, getting a tight shot and then step back a bit more and capture it all. Really useful. Did I mention it's quick? It is. It removes frustration from the equation. You tilt the screen to suit your angle of view, touch what you want to focus on and bang, it's captured. You can program a button to shoot RAW on demand if you are worried about exposure or white balance. I think its auto white balance is seamlessly good. I will be shooting it more in the coming week or so but I walked around and popped off some shots for fun. 

This one shot I took two jpgs and merged them in Photoshop.
Flip the screen 180 degrees and it turns on. Aim and press the shutter and it focuses and counts down 3,2,1 and shoots. No, it can't improve your looks but maybe by version 3.0.

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