Monday, December 1, 2014

Nassau / Jitney / #10 / Fuji X-F1 / Topaz

I worked in public transit for much of my adult life. The two times we've been to the Bahamas, we rode the bus. The system is actually a confederation of private jitneys who run on established routes. The 8 and the 10 depart from George and Bay Streets. We rode the 10 out to Sandy Point and back downtown. I have a couple of observations. The United States, England, and much of Europe are, I guess the first world and places like the Bahamas are closer to third world. I know a lot of people I visited with on cruise ships wouldn't get off the ship to walk around Nassau because they didn't feel safe. The truth, as I observed it, is the U.S. is third world and Nassau is first. Crime is insignificant in the Bahamas. I took some pictures of our jitney driver's operating area. He kept lots of cash, including bills and coins open and in plain sight. They collect a fare AFTER you've completed your ride, not before, based on trust. I know there's more to it than that. Education, health care, transportation, living conditions, etc. But Nassau is safer than most U.S. cities and friendlier too. Just a casual observation.

His right hand stayed on the necker knob and his left on the shift lever.

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