Thursday, May 17, 2018

Paris fast food & fashion

There are hundreds and hundreds of places to get something to eat in/on the Isle de France, not to be confused with the Isle de Citie. A few of those places are American fast food. McDonald's seems to have the most and no I didn't eat in any of them. I did go into one in Oberkampf to check it out. You order and pay at a kiosk and then pick up your order at the counter, so I couldn't just walk up to somebody and say "Un Royale with cheese (avec fromage?) ala Sam Jackson, so what's the point? The menu is not identical to the states, no big surprise. I shot a lot and although all generalizations are false, I 'd have to say Parisiens (large metropolitan areas in general, eh?) seem to care more about their style and appearance and work at looking chic. They also want tasty food and work hard at getting it right and consuming it with style. Which is why McDonald's is something of an outlier. Anyway here's a couple shots of the interior of Mickey D's and a gal getting what looked like some kind of ice cream confection which I would take to be a McFlurry of some kind but who knows? She was tres chic.


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