Thursday, February 5, 2015

South Beach, Miami / Candids / Nikon D5000

What can I say? It was too cold too long. The sky was gray 28 out of 31 days in December. We set out for Florida in the middle of January and just got back yesterday. We camped the whole time, even took the three dogs. I brought a few cameras but only used four out of the batch, due mainly to what fell to hand at the time. I will be posting pictures of various areas we visited, terminating at Key West, over the next few days and weeks. Today's batch is from Miami's south beach. If you like to photograph architecture, it's a good spot. If you like to photograph street shots of people, it's a good spot. If you like to photograph decadence and weird juxtapositions, like the elderly, the hip, the tourist, the weird and so on, it's a good spot.


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