Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Leica X1 / University of Arkansas / Fraternity - Sorority Chili Cook Off / SOOC - minor cropping

The X1 is probably my favorite camera for candid shots. It renders colors and people really well, at least it suits my tastes for such things. I used to review Leica M shots and always appreciated the way it rendered. The X1 is a poor man's M, for sure. I went to visit work today and after the commiseration walked the hill to the Union. I walked through fine arts and shot some stills and ate sushi at the food court and came upon the chili cook off as a photo opportunity. I shot both RAW and Jpg and the Leica engineers know how to massage their RAW shots so well there wasn't much need for the RAW. Other shots I took which included sky and clouds showed the RAW would work so much better as sharpening and refining colors blows out the highlights.

I lurked around shooting candids long enough that they were nice enough to offer me chili and I had to split.
 Chili and sushi would need lots of beer preparation prior to mixing.

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