Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sony RX1 sample shots

Took the used RX1 I just got from fleabay over to school to try it out. Shot wide open the whole time. Didn't get close enough to anybody to open the depth of field much but I also wanted to see what the shots looked like at F2. It was cloudy so over exposure wasn't an issue. I need an ND filter for outdoors if I'm going to shoot f2 on brighter days. Overall the images are clean, huge (many were cropped for effect) and easy to take with the large sensor and great lens. A lazy man's camera for sure. I monochromed most. The 14 stops of DR are outstanding. I didn't even post process the ARW files because these were just quick takes. I went to a few areas where cameras struggle because of the lack of ambient light and it just sucked it up. This is a very good sensor/lens combination. The form factor is okay with me with the additional gear to help me hold it. These are nothing special but they are quick samples as a place holder.

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