Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Mount T Bo Lane, Elkins AR, property pictures & description

View upriver (South) from fording area, northern property border (B) on the map key

Property is bordered on the Western side by the West Fork of the White River. On the North end of that border is the original fording place of the White, used as a crossing before bridges. The property ends on its Northernmost extension just prior to the ford. There is a pathway to the river here from West Mt T Bo Lane. It drops down to river level. Pictures provided taken from this level, show the fording area and the shallow river here. On the southernmost border and for most of the 700+ feet, the property is elevated above the river by some 10-12 feet but the river’s level rises and lowers with rain and the seasons. Occasionally the river will crest its banks.

Moving East, the property begins a gradual climb up the mount. The access road, not signed but called Mt. T Bo Lane provides access from Long Tate Road down to the river’s border. It is currently maintained by the property holder to the North. He will maintain right of way for the road and for his utility easement(s). At the property’s Southern border, Mt T Bo Lane splits to east and west forks. The west fork continues to cross the property and extends to the neighbors, referred to above. The east fork of Mt. T Bo Lane (at this point, poorly maintained) begins its climb up the mountain. Following this road’s path east (on foot) will lead to the upper elevation of the property. Near the uppermost border is a pathway to the south which leads to a previously proposed homesite. The area is mostly clear, well elevated and has had a percolation test for a septic tank. There are a couple of downed trees on the path, which are leftover from the 2009 freezing rain event.

Walking from the road to the river at other than the fording area is possible but keeping proper orientation, once in the treed area, can be difficult. Using Google Maps while walking, to show the river’s location, is helpful. The land is flat and walkable but there are natural drain ditch areas, etc. which must be navigated. The further from the ford, the further the walk over but the clearer the path.

There is a shale area to the north (opposite side) of the same area as the home site pathway from Mt T Bo East. Black shale like soil is easily visible along the washed out roadway. The southern part of the shale area is within the property. Mineral rights are retained and will transfer to the new owner(s).

The next four shots show the southernmost limit of the property, having driven down Mt T Bo Ln to the level of the White River, which is to the left. To the right here, is East Mt T Bo Ln climbs up the mountain. It is less improved and partially washed out and must be hiked, not driven. Following West Mt T Bo Ln. (left fork here) leads to the northernmost property limits which is to the east of the White River's ford.

(A) on the map key, camera facing North, vehicle facing south

Road (W. Mt T Bo Ln.) headed North towards fording area on White River

(A on map key) To the right leads up to the top of the mountain, to the left parallels the river 

(B) on the map key

(above shot: View upriver from fording area)

E Mt T Bo Ln must be walked from various washouts

Looking down from above on E Mt T Bo Lane

On the way from A to turnoff road to walk to D

Previously proposed homesite area (D) on map key

Looking off shore onto general Area C on map key along with the following river shots at C

General area (D) on map key

This is looking west from the home site, viewing up the lane that leads back to Mt T Bo East

The following link was made using a gps device and imported to Strava to provide a crumb trail showing the road from Elkins and turning onto and driving, walking around the property. It is provided as a general guide and strays off the property to the south a bit as I walked around but will give you a general idea where the property is and allow for export to Google maps, etc. using kml or kmz file export.

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